Welcome to the Info page for Neon Imperfection

**Neon Imperfection** - Title WIP

This is the place to find out whats being currently worked on, whats planned and whats getting nixed from the title.

Current development - as of 17 July 2021

  • Mobile controls

  • Weapons controls

  • basic collision detection

  • Player Health and other information(Shields)

  • Ballistic types

  • Basic Enemy AI

  • System UI Implementation

  • Main menu

  • Pause screen

Planned Development - AKA Future Content

  • Arcade Mode

  • Survival Mode

  • Resource Gathering

  • Building

  • Worms/Tanks styled PVP

  • Upgrades of various kinds

  • More enemy types

  • Some semblance of sanity

Nixed Content


Ads and other monetization information

As of right now the only use of ads I can think of is to continue after being destroyed. As far as monetization is concerned, I am keeping the ads to a minimum. No one likes being interrupted with some annoying 30 second video about laundry detergent and insurance when they're just wanting to enjoy a game. So ads will be the change you use to continue your game, just like at an arcade.